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58 McNiven Road Moorefield, ON
Spectrum Feed Services
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In 1991, Spectrum Feed Services Ltd opened its doors for the first time. The partners came together with the intention of supplying a superior level of nutritional services than was currently available in the industry. Our success came by applying technical knowhow in a practical and efficient way, largely in dairy cow nutrition.

At this time, many new concepts were validated at the university level and proven to improve animal performance and reduce feed costs. To do this effectively, we required our own feed production capability, subsequently purchasing a closed feed mill in Moorefield and extensively renovating it to our needs.

In this day of information accessibility, there was no shortage of technical data to increase producer profitability. The ability to apply these new concepts consistently on the farm was the next step. In the years that followed, customers reported well above average performance evidenced in increased milk production, improved reproduction, animal health and longevity. We had successfully applied many new concepts into our customers’ feeding and management programs.

As part of our continual search for new ideas to improve customer profitability, we purchased an extruder with the intention processing raw soya beans. This was at the forefront of innovation in dairy feed technology. It allowed us to diversify ingredients, eventually leading us to pet food manufacturing. One of our top dairy nutritionists, with experience in the pet food business, announced ‘You have everything needed to manufacture pet food’!

Fair to say, we tripped into the pet food business.

This journey into the pet food manufacturing started in 1999. The pet food business continues to grow and today we operate three production facilities in Moorefield, Ontario.

We manufacture a wide range of products from economy to super premium and are proud to be one of the most species diverse extrusion businesses in the industry. The company philosophy has always been to provide excellent nutrition for performance and longevity. These learnings are taken from our beginnings in 1991.

We have strong relationships with many suppliers and industry experts and the goal has always been to maximize customer value.

After all these years, our family business continues to hear what matters most to you – superior animal health and longevity.

We appreciate your business.