Spectrum Feed Services Ltd.

Regulatory Compliance & Certifications

We are compliant with CFIA, USDA, and several other international regulatory & export requirements. We were the first Canadian dry-pet food manufacturing facility to export to China under the approval of MARA/GACC. We continue our efforts to better our products and services in order to meet our customers’ highest expectations.

Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. has been ISO 22000 certified since 2018, and meets the requirements of this stringent internationally recognized food safety standard. ISO 22000, combined with our PAS 222 prerequisite certification for the manufacture of feed, are comprehensive food-safety programs that require yearly re-certification by an approved third-party auditing body. Management commitment and the HACCP food safety plan are the core elements of these food safety standards.

In order to have an effective HACCP Food safety program, the supporting elements must be in place – these are described as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). HACCP is a system to monitor and control critical food safety parameters within our manufacturing environment. GMP’s are environmental and operational conditions necessary for the production of safe food. Both HACCP and GMP are integral parts of the ISO 22000 program. Another large component of the ISO 22000 standard is Management Commitment. The Senior Management Team at Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. must demonstrate commitment to achieve the ISO 22000 Standard by allocating particular resources, conducting regular review meetings, setting goals, and monitoring progress in achieving them.

Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. is also a Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified feed manufacturer. BAP Certification means that we have gone to great lengths to source ingredients, in particular aquatic based ingredients, from sustainable sources. Sustainability is near and dear to us, and we always like to do our part.  In particular, aquatic feeds produced in our facility will ensure BAP compliance at the fishery level, as we do our part considering FIF.

Our facilities are inspected by two divisions of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The CFIA oversees and audits Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. to ensure that our agricultural feeds meet Canadian regulations, but also that all pet food meets the requirements laid out by the USDA. Our facilities are medication free, and are part of the Canadian Ractopamine Free Pork Program.