Spectrum Feed Services Ltd.

Custom Blending & Mixing

It would be easy to tell others in the pet industry that we are unable to support their custom blending requirements, or that “we’re too busy with extrusion.”  But we don’t do easy.

Your needs are as unique as our offering.  We mix and blend ingredients for our extrusion process, and also offer those same precision blending capabilities for those with a different end process in mind.

We offer procurement of dry materials, but will also work with your team for any custom blend.  All of our incoming ingredients are verified and tested.  Our warehouse is dedicated to the storage of ingredients, which ensures no cross contamination. 

Consistency of the blend is paramount. All of our mixing & blending operations are computer controlled to ensure accuracy, and the entire system was replaced in the summer of 2022.  At the same time, we added more dedicated dry ingredient bins to accommodate the increasing number of specialty ingredients we handle. 

Bulk material receiving was maximized in the summer of 2023, with an updated receiving elevator and support systems.  Additionally, we have plans to install an upgraded roller mill in the fall of 2023 to improve the grind of meal mix, which supports nutrient absorption and palatability of the end product.

Spectrum Custom pet food blending