Spectrum Feed Services Ltd.

Pet Food Extrusion - The possibilities are endless!

It would be easy to give our customers’ an “a la carte” pet food portfolio instead of customizing solutions that work for their business.  But we don’t do easy.

Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. has over 30 years in the feed industry, and 25+ years of experience extruding quality pet food. Extrusion is an art. Our experienced operators know that extrusion is intricate, especially when running complex diets. We work hard to ensure product is manufactured consistently, at the highest quality standard, every batch, every time. Our extrusion department and Quality Assurance team work together to ensure premium products are produced every day. We currently operate 3 different extruders, and offer a wide variety of products. We have experience manufacturing pet food in the Super Premium, Mid-Range, and Economy sector.  No matter the ingredient declaration – nutrition is the focus.  

We are proud to say that we will try anything! This idea comes right from the President’s desk. We understand that every customer has unique ideas, and we are keen to attempt extrusion of any combination of ingredients. Experimentation with new formulas is an opportunity for learning and growth, and it allows us to showcase our commitment to animal health.

Canadian pet food manufacturer

Formulation - Let Your Ideas Come to Life!

Our team is eager to work with brand owners to design formulations that are innovative and fit with your ideas. We design formulations using sophisticated software to ensure nutritional adequacy, but also to assess the effects the combination of ingredients will yield when extruded. We offer any number of formulations from grain inclusive, grain free, gluten free, and even vegan options. If you can dream it, we can make it! Our formulation team includes board certified Animal Nutritionists, PhD nutritionists, and many experienced nutrition support staff. All team members bring a variety of expertise to the table, which ensures success from the formula development stage, straight to the extrusion phase!