Spectrum Feed Services Ltd.

Food Safety

Our Food Safety program oversees our entire operation – from ingredient procurement, through manufacturing, packaging, and shipping/transportation. The Food Safety and Quality Assurance program at Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. begins with the selection of quality ingredients from approved suppliers, followed by the testing and inspection of every incoming ingredient. Our lab technicians confirm the consistency and safety of our ingredients with extensive laboratory testing.

The quality of our finished products is maintained throughout our manufacturing processes to ensure all aspects of quality (appearance, dimensions, nutrition, safety, and taste) meet or exceed customers expectations. Our product development team focuses on quality and ensures all products are formulated to meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards and NRC (National Research Council) guidelines for pet foods.

The health of animals, big and small, is important to us, since we are pet owners too.  We treat every batch of food coming out of our “oversized kitchen” as though it is being fed to our own fur-family members. 

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