Spectrum Feed Services Ltd.

Quality & Testing

Quality is our focus.  If we don’t have quality – we don’t have a suitable product.  As such, Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. has invested in our in house laboratory to ensure each batch of extruded product is manufactured to your specifications.

We offer the following in house testing:
– Toxin screening (Quantitative Measurements of Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin and Zearalenone using Reveal Q+ using the Raptor reader)
– Ruminant DNA residue testing for the presence of ruminant materials
– PV, FFA, Omega 3 and 6 assessment of oils
– Moisture and Water activity
– Cook and starch gelatinization
– NIR analysis for protein, fat, fiber, ash

We work with a number of Accredited third-party laboratories as well:
Agrifood Laboratories, Bureau Veritas, Stratford Agri-Analysis and Caldic Canada (residual anti-oxidant and shelf-life).

We can also coordinate palatability studies of pet food at Ontario Nutri-Labs. 

As part of our commitment to quality, every production run is tested and physiochemical characteristics assessed routinely.  These assessments include:
– NIR Analysis
– Density (g/L) measurement
– Diameter (mm)
– Thickness (mm)

Once we have verified the kibble produced was suitable quality, the quality checks don’t stop there! We proceed to validate the quality of the packaged goods too. Checks of the bagged product include:
– Date code verification (legibility and accuracy)
– Package Seal
– Statistical Process Control of our package net weights
– Palletization pattern